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Jala Group


Described in the China Daily as the “invisible champion” of the Chinese cosmetic industry, the Jala Group has been quietly gaining ground in the smaller cities for the past 10 years. Today, the group has 23,000 sales outlets in 31 Chinese provinces and cities, comprehensive distribution and even 88 patents for design and product formulations. 


To assist this national brand – which also has global aspirations – we had to be very respectful of Chinese values and culture. That might sound pretty straightforward, but it’s actually very challenging if you don’t have a local team in place that understands Chinese aesthetics and tastes. Fortunately, that is precisely the case with our dedicated Shanghai staff, which did their utmost to support this growing company.


For Jala, we created a new visual identity, visual toolkit and launched a new corporate website. We also assisted them in creating a photographic style in close collaboration with some of China’s best-known photographers. Today, the company continues to grow at a rate of 20% annually, carefully balancing growth with a responsible approach to developing trustworthy products.