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Mannheimer Swartling


In the conservative world of legal communications, it’s not uncommon to see glossy images of smiling lawyers shaking hands with clients. It all looks so easy, glamorous and contrived! The truth is that getting results for clients is hard work. In 2007, one of the Nordic region’s top business law firms turned to us for help to revitalize their corporate image – a request that led to a long-term relationship based on trust.


Previously, the company had presented a somewhat artificial façade that didn’t reflect its true identity. To get the right tone of voice, we wanted to embrace the reality of our hardworking everyday lawyer heroes rather than trying to change their DNA. 


For MSA, we created an entire visual toolbox and new visual identity, from navigation signage to pictogram and image library to very elaborate presentation materials – all captured in a graphic guidelines book. To create a fully consistent visual look and feel, we analysed all the company touch points with customers. Seven years later we are still at their side, helping to extend the brand into new digital and other media.