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Mathias Dahlgren


There’s a reason why a visit to Mathias Dahlgren, the two-star Michelin restaurant located in Stockholm’s five-star Grand Hotel, is less like a restaurant and more like a gastronomic event. Impeccable in his taste and selection of ingredients, Mathias wants his guests to relax in an environment that exudes exclusive simplicity. 


Having been awarded the prestigious French Bocuse d'Or early in his career and later receiving two Michelin stars, he has a clear vision of what he wants: a cuisine based on natural produce and natural taste but open for global influences. As you can imagine, creating a design program and logo for Mathias was a dream assignment. To do so, we created what we called a “culinary journey”, from the moment you decide to book a table to when you pay the check. We also develop a logo that was nominated at the Cannes Lions: a clean and elegant solution based on MD initials. 


For the two restaurants (Matbaren and Matsalen) we create a unified menu concept: a simpler one for The Bar restaurant and a more elegant one for the fine dining area. The fine dining restaurant is today ranked among the top 50 in the world.