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China Girl


Playful and irreverent, China Girl is an eclectic mix of London style, Parisian chic, New York boldness and a modern Shanghai attitude. But who is this woman, really? The answer: She can be whoever you want her to be. The story we created is really a fairy tale that lets women get immersed in a whole world and make it their own. 


For China Girl we developed the entire brand story, imagery, graphic identity and packaging design (shoe box). The idea was to combine visual cues and expressions from both East and West in a modern and playful manner. Thanks to our knowledge of both worlds, we were able to create a brand world that’s like a small fairy tale, but who doesn’t want to hear a fairy tale from time to time? 

The result has been awarded in China at the 2012 Successful Design Awards-China and received a gold at the Graphis Competitions Design Annual.