Design is pure emotion. It can awaken dreams, create desire and set your brand apart from the others. But good design is also good business – a tool for helping you to achieve your goals. So the really interesting question is: What do you want your customers to feel, think and do? This is our starting point in every project.


Once we’ve established your objectives, we take a structured and well-proven approach to considering the entire “design architecture” of your brand or company. Customers are sometimes surprised to see how we break down the process, defining all the touch-points along the customer journey. However, we regard design management as equally much a science as an art – a systematic approach that’s often appreciated for its pedagogical value, from the shop floor on up to the Board Room.

Put our experienced team to work
Because the key points of contact with customers involve everything from the physical product and packaging to in-store presentations, it means we often bring together a team of leading experts from different disciplines. This also guarantees that you get best-in-class talent and can interface with them directly on your project.

Bridge the gap between East and West
From our office in Shanghai, we can also coordinate sourcing, design engineering and manufacturing of products in China, offering first-hand experience of what works and doesn’t work. Our multicultural team assures that you get an international perspective, even if your ultimate solution is local in nature.